Tuesday, February 19, 2008

out on the weekend

Tracy had to work all day on Sunday so the kids and I headed to both the zoo and the aquarium.

Favorite zoo animals this trip included:
  • The tropical bird who would not speak while we stood in front of it, but emitted an eloquently spoken "Pretty Bird" every time we started to leave.
  • The kinkajou (the only member of the Genus Potos) attempting to break a land speed record running back and forth on its favorite tree branch.
  • The abnormally animated sloth who even left his tree for an extremely rare walk on solid ground.

The aquarium visit was short but included:

  • Owen touching the lava.
  • Finding places on the huge globe.
  • Watching people feed fish in the big tank.
  • Answering questions on the Wheel of Knowledge.
  • Sitting in the beaver lodge for underwater otter viewing.
  • Playing with ships in the Great Lakes water table.

All in all, not a bad way to spend the morning.

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GRJA said...

Hey Guys,

What a great blog! You have some great pictures. I could learn a thing or two about your creative shots. This is a fun way to know what is happening in your life. Maybe sometime we can do the same!