Saturday, May 31, 2008

outdoor fun

Logan had severely outgrown his old bike so Tracy took him shopping and he came home with a beautiful 20 inch, bright red, Schwinn Falcon. He was excited to point out it had both handbrakes and pedal brakes. A separately purchased bell was added to further enhance the cycling experience.

logans new bike 1

Logan loves the bike but unfortunately the training wheels we attached didn't fit the frame properly and he had trouble riding it. Enter new bike number two: a 16 inch, bright red, Quest Rocket. Logan has no trouble riding this one and is crusing up and down the street.

logans new bike 2

While Logan rides, Owen looks for worms, slugs, and bugs in the yard.


One of Owen's many vehicles.

owens ride

What they say is true. It's impossible to have a bad time in a large, inflatable, donut-looking, thing-a-ma-bob.

owen plays in the donut

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