Saturday, September 6, 2008

life at gust lake

We spent a nice 4-day weekend at Gust Lake over Labor Day. The weather was perfect but the bugs were a little worse than expected. Fun was had by all.

The family sleeping quarters.

tent view on gust lake

Observing caterpillars in our makeshift terrarium.

caterpillar observation

Playing a game of king's corners down by the lake.

playing cards by the lake

Driving the Super Tryke to the neighbor's well.

fetching water

Kicked back and relaxed.

a lounging owen

Getting crafty down by the water.

needlework al fresco

Logan recently removed his training wheels and took the opportunity to ride up and down the road endlessly.

logan bikes down the lake road

Reading books with Owen.

reading by the lake

Sitting around the fire in the evening.


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