Monday, April 6, 2009

jonah's quilt

In a record sewing month (for me), I've completed my first quilt, using fabric from my mom's stash. Thankfully, she had already cut the squares and some were even sewn together. It was a great first project.

I learned to piece the top...

piecing jonahs quilt

...make a quilt sandwich and "stitch in the ditch"...

machine quilting

...and cut, attach, and hand sew the binding.

binding jonahs quilt

So, this one's for you, my sweet new nephew, Jonah. Something created with love from your Grandma Karen and Aunt Tracy.

jonahs quilt


Alevin and Company said...

Tracy, your quilt is amazing! I love how the "stitch in the ditch" made sort of a shadow of the front on the back.

eight feet said...

Thanks, Alissa. I am so glad that I pushed myself to learn how to quilt and even complete it in time to meet Jonah.