Sunday, May 3, 2009

owen turns three

Happy Birthday Owen! Our youngest boy turned three today. Mama worked during the morning but then the whole family had all afternoon to enjoy the special day.

Owen woke up, donned his birthday crown, and started the day by listening to big brother Logan read some books.

birthday morning reading

Owen opens his first present. A fish-shaped bank handpainted by Logan at The Pottery Burn.

bank for owen

Enjoying the beautiful weather up in the playhouse.

springtime in playhouse

Owen opens up a pile of Magic School Bus books which just happen to be his favorite.

magic school bus heaven

The birthday boy got to pick out tonight's dinner. He chose homemade cheese pizza and green beans. After talking about a chocolate cake for the last month, Owen looked in a cookbook a few days ago and picked out this flowerpot dessert for his birthday treat. The pots are filled with strawberry ice cream, oreo cookie "dirt" with gummi worms, and frosted butter cookie flowers. Thanks Mom!!

flower cookie fun

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frantically heidi said...

It looks like a wonderful day!