Wednesday, July 1, 2009

tony's trip

Tony just returned from his trip to Bethesda where he visited Mr. Jon and his wonderful family.

Early morning flight takes me from Duluth to Detroit to Washington, DC. I land at Dulles airport at approximately noon and immediately take a bus to the nearest Metro station. One train ride later I enter the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. Last time I was here I ran out of time and literally jogged through this building. Today I spend 2.5 hours and although still not enough time, I appreciate the visit more. One more train ride to the Bethesda stop where Jon picks me up. After a brief check-in at his house, we head to Falls Church, Virginia for a concert by one of our favorite bands, the Church.

Jon and I drop Sam and Sarah off at their respective day camps and then proceed to nearby Great Falls Park for a scenic walk across a bunch of waterfalls. At lunch time we pick Sarah up and grab a quick lunch at Baja Fresh. Eventually, we take Sarah to a playground next to Sam's camp and play until he's released and joins us. Jon and I throw the frisbee around a bit just like old times. Back at the house we meet Mary and order some takeout from a Thai restaurant. Jon and I contemplate an early bedtime but then stay up late watching a movie.

After dropping the kids at camp, Jon and I run some errands, check out a really nice comic book store, and then take Sarah to the playground again while we wait for Sam. Once home, I start to pack while simultaneously playing "kidnap the princess" with Sarah and engaging in an extended light saber duel with Sam.

As soon as Mary gets home from work, Jon and I head to Annapolis for another concert by the Church. This venue doesn't have an open area in front of the stage so we view Adam Franklin and the Bolts of Melody from our assigned table while eating dinner. As the Church take the stage, we find a place to stand along a side wall that we both deem superior to sitting. After the show we hang out and talk to the band, get autographs and take photos.

Jon drops me off at the airport at 2:38 am for my 6:30 am flight. Three airplanes later I find my beautiful family waiting for me at the airport.

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