Monday, October 19, 2009

a trip to harrisville

With just under 2000 people, Harrisville, New Hampshire, has been a National Historical Landmark since 1977. It is one of those old mill towns that comes to my mind when picturing typical nineteenth-century New England: picturesque, narrow roadways, and old red brick buildings built adjacent to the water.

Harrisville Designs opened in 1971 to preserve the area's textile heritage, and every time I visit them, I want to spend the whole day. The shop and studio space are open and welcoming, the designs unique, and the yarns beautiful and easy to knit. While in the shop on Friday, we had the opportunity to observe the warping of a loom. A time consuming process, this will then be handwoven, cut and attached to cardstock as samples of Harrisville's Classic Line yarn.

harrisville designs

harrisville nh

harrisville loom warp in progress

harrisville classic colors

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