Friday, November 27, 2009

turkey day activities

Following a last minute cancellation by our prospective guests, the four of us found ourselves facing a 24 pound bird and all of the fixings. After ingesting massive amounts of tryptophan, we spent the rest of the afternoon engaged in a variety of indoor activities.

The boys rediscovered our Playfoam and spent the next hour building sculptures. Pictured here are Owen's blue whale, green dragon (with yellow spines and pink tongue), Logan's lamb, birthday cake, and three ice cream cones.

Logan poses by the completed rainforest jigsaw puzzle.

The boys shucked some of our decorative corn for one of Mama's crafty projects.

Owen declared himself the official Thanksgiving Day photographer.

snaps me snapping him

Logan entertained us with some lovely piano playing in the afternoon.

tis the season for playing carols

Owen warps his mini-loom in preparation for a new pot holder.


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