Tuesday, April 29, 2008


While there are a gazillion people out there in blogland sharing themselves and all aspects of their busy lives, there are a few that I check in on regularly. It's fun to be a passenger on their journeys, to see what they are sharing that day and to explore new ideas to incorporate into our family life. I am especially inspired, both from a parenting and from a crafty perspective, by SouleMama, and more recently, her book, The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections. Her simple approach has definitely given my creativity a much needed boost over the past year, from which we all benefit. In this house, a crafty mama is a happier mama.

Two of the projects in the book are simple to make and were perfect gifts for a co-worker's baby shower last night. I used free clip art, freezer paper stencils and fabric paint to embellish the onesies and already have more ideas for the future. Logan helped with the design, layout and construction of the felt blocks and it proved to be a satisfying mother-son activity.

stenciled onesies

felt baby blocks

Last year, Logan and I collaborated on a cloth book for Owen's first birthday. All photos and captions were by Logan, with sewing by mama. It has definitely become a favorite in Owen's library. Stay tuned for more birthday craftiness later in the week...

cloth birthday book

inside cloth birthday book

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