Wednesday, October 22, 2008

rhinebeck report

I have wanted to attend Rhinebeck, the premier wool festival that everyone talks about, since becoming a fiber fanatic years ago. Last week, I flew out to visit my aunt Deb who lives in southern New Hampshire and we joined a chartered bus group for the first day of the festival. We were not disappointed. With over 20 buildings to explore, we were on the move the entire day. Every sense was (over) stimulated: yarn in every color imaginable on view, exotic fibers to fondle, interesting food to taste, handmade soaps to smell, and the sounds of sheep baaing in the barns. I took few photos; I was so busy checking out the handknits on parade and wool goodies in every nook and cranny. I will admit it was a bit overwhelming, but now I know how to manage my time on the next journey.

skein goodness

Wooly mice.

fabric mice

The Rouge Lucette had one of the most interesting items at the festival: the lucet. I thought the kids would enjoy making cords with me, especially Logan.

lucets galore

Stay tuned for more wooly goodness...

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