Monday, January 5, 2009

cookie decorating

Grandma decided to bake cookies one day and recruited Logan and Owen to be the official decorators. Countless sprinkles and multiple red hots later we had two plates of delicious goodness.

boys and cookies

Owen and Grandma Linda.

Logan and Grandma Linda.

Logan's smiley face cookie.

smiley cookie

Great Grandma Fitzgerald performs her Cookie Monster impression.

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nytesong said...

Looks like fun!

My children were in charge of the gingerbread cookies this year and they loved the red hots too. They got a little um.....we'll call it silly and not maniacal...and were hiding red hots under icing to 'trick people.'

But inevitably, when giving someone a cookie the one who didn't decorate that particular one would giggle and tell the poor individual who was about to eat it what was in store for them! Whew!