Saturday, January 31, 2009

wheels on the bus

Ever since riding the bus home from kindergarten last year and now riding it to and from school this year, Logan has been extremely interested in becoming a bus driver. Countless buses have been constructed in our living room and all family members are routinely picked up and dropped off at their respective stops. I often catch one route between the kitchen and the computer room.

A lot of thought goes into the design of these buses. Here are a few of the standard features:

  • Driver's seat is raised up on pillows to give a realistic bouncy feel
  • Cushioned bench seat for passengers
  • Camping headlights are used for turn signals
  • Toy vacuum provides engine sounds
  • Stop sign for letting passengers on and off safely
  • A rear-view mirror for keeping an eye on unruly passengers
  • Driver's cup holder
  • Not one, but two first aid kits
  • Directional heat vent
  • Driver's seat belt
  • The recently installed Bus Cam provides additional monitoring capabilities
A side view of the latest bus.

A shot of the dashboard and instrument panel.

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