Saturday, March 21, 2009

randomly rochester

Every March we make our annual migration to Rochester for multiple family birthdays. As always, the weekend was fun but much too short. The boys enjoy the new/different toys that stay at Grandma and Grandpa's house and the large basement provides a lot of space to ride various pedal and push vehicles.

Saturday morning we all split up. Tracy and Grandma went shopping for fabric and picked up the birthday cake. Logan and Grandpa went to the airport to service an airplane. The plane ended up not being there but they had fun anyway. Owen and I ran some errands downtown, grabbed a mocha at Barnes and Noble, and played in the play area at the mall.

Saturday afternoon we all reconvened at Great-Grandma's condo to exchange birthday gifts and then back home for dinner, cake, and more presents.

Grandma Linda and Tony make their birthday wishes.

Playing Owen's "Mama Song" on the piano.

singing a mama song

Owen takes the old motorcycle for a spin.

kids vintage motorcycle

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jroth777 said...

Wow! That bike ROCKS!!! How old is it?

We just bought one of these for Isobel:

It's so cool to watch the little ones cruise around on them.