Wednesday, March 4, 2009

spring sprouts

After many days of faithful watching, watering, and wishing, Logan and Owen's lima beans finally sprouted. Owen could hardly wait for me to get through the door before telling me about it in great detail.



Alevin and Company said...

Did you plant those from actual lima beans, like the dry ones from a bag? Or did you buy seeds? What a fun project! But the real question: do you guys like to eat lima beans? Because they are a controversial legume at best.

eight feet said...

The beans were a gift from Great Grandma who ordered them from a catalog. If you look closely, the bean reads "I Love You"--we've had several discussions as to how they make beans with messages and whether or not any subsequent product from said plant would actually be edible or even healthy. And yes, I believe that all of us do like traditional lima beans.